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The project ENDAB aims at setting up a database dealing with energy-related information of Brandenburg. The Brandenburg Economic Development Board (ZAB) has commissioned this project. ENDAB should become a long-term standalone database solution which is extendible and quite flexible to handle different energy themes and to address different users as well.

The energy database will be a basis for monitoring the energy strategy of Brandenburg on state, regional and local administration level.

DELPHI IMM takes the conceptual and technical implementation part of the system.

The energy database system (short form ENDAB) covers the complete process of data import, data validation, data processing, data export and provison of defined reports. The most important report is the report of energy  characteristics. In ENDAB the energy-related database were stored in a MySQL-database which contains raw data and statistic data: aggregated data on base of local authorities. Moreover ENDAB consists of the ContentManagementSystem TYPO3. The basic installation of TYPO3 is used. In addition some plugins for special functions like data interfaces and import function are developed. A standard user is able to use TYPO3 functions  and an expert gets the flexibility to do individual SQL-query by the help of phpMyAdmin. The results of the query can be reused in other contexts.

The energy database of Brandenburg is installed on a ZAB server as a server solution on the Intranet, currently as a test run.

2016 – 2017