Corona – between retrospective and perspective

One year ago, the Corona pandemic already began. In retrospect we have been able to cope with it quite well. Even though we worked more from home in the spring […]

Project EMRA was successfully completed

Last year, DELPHI IMM completed its work on the EMRA project. EMRA is a joint project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) on the topic […]

How is sustainability related to private households?

The pages of the Federal Environment Agency have been expanded with the information service “Exploring contexts”. This is a new approach: the contents of the Federal Environment Agency are “scanned” […]

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Urban planning requires geoinformation in order to answer current questions concerning spatial and social structures. In addition this information has to be visualised as maps or statistics. We realize customer solutions for geoinformation systems and geoportals.


The energy revolution in Germany poses an enormous challenge for the energy economics and politics. We offer solutions in order to plan, balance and communicate the energy revolution.


For numerous plants the pollination by bees plays a very important role for the economical yield in agriculture. In the same way, bees also need honey plants nearby in order to produce a sufficient amount of honey.

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