How is sustainability related to private households?

The pages of the Federal Environment Agency have been expanded with the information service “Exploring contexts”. This is a new approach: the contents of the Federal Environment Agency are “scanned” and analyzed automatically. Using text analysis, the application identifies the environmental terms in the content (articles, press releases, data sheets) of the UBA website and counts the occurrence. In the application, a single term can be searched for or the connection between two terms, i.e. which content has both terms listed. The results are visualized in a descriptive, interactive graphic.

For example, the terms private household and sustainability are mentioned together in 366 posts and articles! Each of us can do our part for sustainability. There are plenty of projects and ideas to do so. The most essential articles are offered directly in the application. But if you take a closer look at the interactive graphic, you’ll notice that the terms sustainability and economy are even more common, with 563 mentions together. You can find out why these two terms are frequently mentioned together in the articles offered.

The basis of the text analysis is a catalog of terms that can be expanded at any time according to the current topics. These terms are unified and transformed into an impact model. In this way, among other things, correlations between causes, measures and effects can be presented. At the same time, it always offers the most relevant contents for selected terms or categories, i.e. those contents with the most mentions for searching.

DELPHI IMM developed the model for the systemic interrelationships for this application. Based on this, Studio NAND created and implemented the design for the visualization. In addition to the design of the frontend, Studio NAND implemented the text analysis.

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