Project EMRA was successfully completed

Last year, DELPHI IMM completed its work on the EMRA project.

EMRA is a joint project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) on the topic of “Extreme Weather Monitoring and Risk Assessment System to Provide Decision Support in Extreme Weather Management in Agriculture”.

This project aims on developing an online system for extreme weather monitoring and risk assessment by the JKI in cooperation with six other partners.

The EMRA system created a collection of tools to help farmers and advisors manage extreme weather events. One of these tools is the mobile app that farmers and advisors can use to report agricultural damage due to weather conditions. The focus here is on collecting all essential data on the spot. Follow-up and maintenance of the data is done with the web app in the office.

The desktop version is also used to prepare current and historical weather data. With the help of various diagrams, statements can be made about the weather in the next days for the user’s own areas. Warnings of extreme weather events are also issued.

In the 12 months mode one receives information about the weather charts of the current year, concerning sun hours, temperature and precipitation sum. Here also a comparison to the annual chart of the past year and the average of the past 13 years is possible. Information is also provided about the weather in the individual phenological phases and about extreme weather events of the last 13 years in the selected area.

Further information and details of the project partners can be found on the official EMRA website: