SDN Hanoi – Vietnam takes shape

HANOI: The development of the softeware spatial data network (SDN) for the administration of Hanoi is going to take shape. A prototyp of a spatial data network is implemented on basis of the vietnamese partners requirements’. Dr. Rolf Lessing has presented the prototype these days and determined the next steps with the different administrations in Hanoi.

The prototyp was presented to the ministery of planning and investment (MPI), the ministery of agriculture and rural development (MARD), the transport development and strategy institute (TDSI), the Hanoi urban planning institute (HUPI) and the forestry universtity of Hanoi. The protoyp obviously appealed to all partners. Funcionality and use are very helpful assessed all partners. For the next test installation the integration of own data is planned.

The protoyp can be find on the website SDN HANOI – Vietnam .